Mold Remediation Services For a Business in Sunrise, Florida

This past week was quite a busy one at Discreet Restoration (a mold remediation company in Sunrise, Florida). During the week, I personally assisted our field technicians in tackling the workload – which included this smaller project for a business within our lovely City of Sunrise. The premise of this project was water and mold damage in relation to a previous leak from a planter area outside of a second floor room. Furthermore, and as a result of subpar waterproofing around this planter area, moisture was able to migrate into this room via capillary action, coming through the concrete block walls and impacting numerous building materials as a result. A bathroom directly beneath this room was also impacted by this water event.

Starting off, our team erected two containment barriers at the entrances to the second-floor room and first-floor bathroom. Additionally, negative air pressure was setup within each of these areas – ensuring that no contaminated particulate was able to leave these designated work areas. Eventually after laying down floor protection and sealing off the HVAC system from these areas, the controlled demolition process began. This process involved the careful removal of all impacted building materials, followed by proper bagging and ultimately removal from the job site.

With The Finish Line in Sight…

Lastly, once all of the moldy materials were removed, we applied a hydrogen peroxide based product to surfaces – intended to lift contamination to the surface of the building materials. HEPA vacuuming followed this peroxide application, with a final step of damp wiping using an EPA registered disinfectant. These two previously mold-affected areas are now in much better shape and merely awaiting the reconstruction process.

Check out these photos and let us know what you think! Not too shabby for an independent mold remediation company in the City of Sunrise, eh? 🙂

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