CIRS, And A Recent Mold Remediation & Small Particle Cleaning

To start things off, let me explain with CIRS is, as not everyone has seen this acronym before. CIRS, or Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, is a biotoxin triggered dysfunctional disorder of the immune system. This is commonly brought on by exposure to mold spores or biotoxins. Individuals suffering from CIRS often have a multitude of symptoms, ranging from brain fog to fatigue, aching, sharp pains, sensitivities to light and more. While many individuals with a healthy immune system can be within a moldy environment and show no symptoms at all, those with CIRS can endure body crushing symptoms, sometimes resulting in the need for medical attention.

Now that we all know what Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome is, let me tell you about a project that we recently completed for a South Florida client of ours. ERMI, or Environmental Relative Moldiness Index, results collected by an independent mold assessment contractor prior to our services showed that the second floor of this large single family home was impacted by numerous types of mold. What was interesting here is that a previous mold remediation service had been performed by a different mold remediation professional. Now, even though mold removal and cleaning services are performed, there is never a guarantee that the results of an ERMI test will go down. In fact, we have noticed very little consistency between the cleanliness of an indoor environment and the results of this type of MS-qPCR test. Nonetheless, ERMI and other forms of analytical testing are always helpful in collecting actionable data.

Following a protocol provided by the above-mentioned third party mold assessment consultant hired by this individual with CIRS, our team performed controlled demolition services within a mold-impacted portion of this property. Additionally, all HVAC ducting located on the second floor of the home was removed and replaced. Air handlers servicing these replaced ducts were cleaned, including the additional higher filtration components like the IQair Perfect 16 and Amaircare Airwash systems. The entire enclosed attic (non-vented w/ spray foam on roof decking) was cleaned, which addressed all of the excess particulate and dust from previous work and microbial growth present. As a final step within the attic, a clear encapsulate was applied to porous materials within the attic – due to the limitations of accessing every nook and cranny. As part of the replacement HVAC and mechanical systems, whole-home ventilating dehumidifiers were added to bring in fresh, dry air from the outdoors.

As our team moved into the home, all areas of the home, including all personal belongings were cleaned – as part of the small particle cleaning process for those with CIRS. This included the combination of HEPA vacuuming, laundering, dry cleaning, steam cleaning and damp wiping using an alcohol and water solution. As part of this high level cleaning, our team applied AeroSolver Pure to the indoor air, using an ultra low volume (ULV) fogger. This was intended to assist in cleaning the air by removing ultra fine particles from the air and dropping them to surfaces – allowing our team to wipe these surfaces clean. This level of cleaning went on for over a week, as our team worked vigorously to remove as much particulate from the air and surfaces as possible. The use of electrostatic dusting clothes assisted us in identifying areas still need additional cleaning along the way.

Here is some of the brief footage that we collected during the mold remediation process of this residential home, as well as a recent video talking about CIRS and the importance of understanding it:

Removing Spray Foam Insulation Overspray:

Fogging With AeroSolver Pure:

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