Mold Remediation in Weston, Florida

Areas Covered

We offer all major mold-related and water damage services to the following parts of Weston, Florida: 33326, 33327, 33331 and 33332.

Services Offered

In addition to being a mold removal company, additional mold and water-related services include mold remediation (removal, treatment and cleaning), mold investigations, 24/7 emergency water extraction, water mitigation, water damage repair, leak detection, moisture and mold forensics, post-remediation evaluations and managed home monitoring for high humidity and water leaks. We also specialize in automatic water shut-off valve selection and facilitation of installation.

Licensed & Insured

Discreet Restoration is fully insured, carrying general liability (GL), contractor pollution liability (CPL) and Worker’s Compensation (WC) coverage. Additionally, Discreet has two licensed individuals within the company, making us an optimal choice for handling all of your emergency mitigation and mold remediation needs. The licensing that we possess within the Mold-Related Services industry in the State of Florida are MRSR (mold-remediator) and MRSA (mold-assessor) licenses.

Some of our mold cleanup work in Weston, Florida - Broward County

mold remediation work area, including hepa vac

mold remediation work area, including hepa vac

mold abatement service in weston home

mold abatement service in weston home

technician inspecting for microbial growth

technician inspecting for microbial growth

Common Mold-Related Questions

What should you do when you discover water damage or mold growth?

One of the most important first steps when discovering black, green, red or any other color mold in your property is to limit any disturbances in the area. For example, if the mold was discovered within a closet, we recommend carefully closing any AC vents within the closet, and limiting entry into the closet - until a Mold Remediation Company or Indoor Environmental Professional is able to evaluate the discoveries at hand.

Do you always need to hire a Mold Remediation Company?

While having mold within your property is never a good thing, it does not always require professional Mold Remediation Services. In fact, the EPA and the State of Florida both agree that any mold or water damage less than 10 square feet in size can be handled by any tradesman or individual for that matter. That said, you should always consult with an Indoor Environmental Professional before cutting open walls. There are numerous scenarios where it is likely that larger amounts of mold may be present within a wall, ceiling or even floor cavity. Most Mold Remediation Professionals are happy to be of assistance with answering questions relating to whether or not professional services are recommended.

What makes Discreet Restoration a unique choice for your Mold-related Services?

Discretion, professionalism and a straightforward approach - to name a few. Our team strives to deliver premier mold remediation and water mitigation services that have been unmatched for nearly a decade. We also maintain one of the highest ratios of successful mold remediation services the first time around - making us a leader in this sector! Should we fail to remediate the mold at hand, we will incur all future costs in association with retesting and assessments. Still not sold…? Take a look at our hundreds of A ratings and 5 Star reviews on Angie’s List, Yelp, Google and even Better Business Bureau (BBB)!

Choose Discreet for all of your Water and Mold Removal/ Remediation needs in Weston!