Mold Remediation Project For Contractor in Boca Raton

The Discreet team has been full speed ahead for the past couple of weeks, working on a large-scale mold remediation project within a higher end property in West Boca Raton. Our project manager first looked at this property a number of weeks back, when a State Licensed General Contractor brought us in for an evaluation, and to provide an estimate for mold remediation services. Following our project manager’s review of a mold assessment report, provided by a State Licensed Mold Assessor that we routinely work with, it was apparent that extensive remedial services would be needed. Using a few of our own moisture metering devices, we were able to confirm that we were still dealing with very damp building materials.

Flash forward to present day, our team has successfully removed all of the ceilings and adjoining walls throughout the second floor of this property. Based on the lack of damage affecting the hardwood floors, we were able to lay down heavy floor protection and keep the wood floors from being damaged during the restoration services. Based on the source of the water and mold damages, the entire HVAC system servicing the second floor needed to be removed and will be replaced. The general contractor that we are working with is also going to need to correct the improper ventilation within the attic, prior to the new building materials being installed.

Here are some of the photos of what were were initially dealing with when our team showed up to first take a look at the mold-related concerns. You’ll notice the extensive microbial growth behind the crown molding, both on the trim itself and the drywall behind. The mold growth on the AC register was also a concern, as was the abundance of moisture and fungal growth on the air handler within the attic. Our team is hard at work trying to complete the mold abatement services and get this Boca Raton, Florida property back to its pre-mold condition!