Mold Remediation Services Performed on A Wellington Home

Discreet Restoration recently completed a mold remediation service at a property located in beautiful Wellington, Florida. The initial cause for concern at this single story home was the finding of staining along the bottom of the baseboards on one side of the home. Upon further inspection, swelling of the closet organizer legs could be seen – further indicating that there was a moisture source within this area. A formal mold assessment was performed, with recommendations to remove the closet organizer, baseboards and lower portion of drywall from this area. A look at some of the photos below will showcase the exterior damages, which allowed for water intrusion into the property.

Discreet setup a containment barrier around the known impacted areas, complete with negative air pressure – to ensure that no contaminates spread to anywhere else within the home. Using a manometer, our team was able to achieve a sufficient pressure differential prior to remediating any of the water and mold damaged materials. As part of the controlled demolition process, these damaged building materials were removed, bagged and carefully relocated outside of the home for proper disposal. Once all of these impacted materials were properly removed, the remaining wet structural materials needed to be mitigated – which involves abrasive cleaning of the surfaces and the focus of drying equipment to reduce moisture levels to acceptable levels.

Once all of the mold was remedied, the next phase of the restoration process was for the property manager to bring in the reconstruction contractor to rebuild the areas worked on. The contractor was careful to use building materials that are more resilient to water and microbial damage. Check out some of the photos of our findings and setup along the way!

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