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It’s important to deal with any leak or mold as soon as possible given how quickly mold grows. This is why we’re available 24-7 for mold prevention and remediation services, use tested protocols to optimize response speed, and staff punctual mold removal specialists.

For more info on our response protocols, certifications, insurance & services, click here. You can also reach out to us for any questions (we offer free consultation), or to schedule an appointment. Call us at 888-405-2923, or click on the button below. We’re available 24-7.
Mold Removal in Miami

Case Studies

The following are cases we worked on in the city of Miami, FL. For more information on our services, please click here.

A recent project we had in Miami involved mold removal in a dental clinic. These types of projects are partially more difficult due to logistics- all work has to be performed outside of business hours. 

Our team moved mountains to have the indoor air quality back in optimal shape – all within a period of a few days. The project entailed performing both controlled demolition services (gross remediation) and a particularly detailed form of fine mold removal called small particle cleaning. This type of cleaning is usually only necessary for sensitive clients (click here for more info), or in a health facility like a dentist office, where surgical work is performed.

After all of the water damaged and contaminated drywall was removed, our team HEPA-vacuumed all personal belongings, walls, floors and fixtures within the entire dental office. A thorough damp wiping followed – ensuring that the office was immaculate for the dental staff and their patients. Working long hours, we completed our work in 3 days flat – making this one of the fastest, thorough remediation services we’ve performed to date.

A special and notable project for us in Miami was a case of a young child with CIRS – an inflammatory illness that is brought on by biotoxin exposure. CIRS-specific mold remediation cases are more difficult and require a far more involved cleaning that requires special care and training, click here for more info. 

Working closely with the family every step of the way as well as with Greg Weatherman, who is a world-renowned expert on CIRS as well as the parents, our team was able to implement the required air filtration devices, commercial dehumidifiers, HEPA-filtered vacuum cleaners and other needed equipment within a timely fashion.

Working with our licensed and qualified HVAC professionals, we were able to rid the entire property and AC system of any visible mold growth – also lowering the airborne particle loads within the property dramatically. This resulted in an apartment that was immaculate and ready for re-occupancy within a few short weeks!

Our team recently worked on a high-rise apartment in downtown Miami. It was an emergency water mitigation project that was treated by a different contractor and was supposedly mold-free, but didn’t pass post-remediation inspection.

Working in line with the protocol provided by the assessment contractor, we removed drywall, abrasively cleaned wall studs, HEPA-vacuumed the entire area, as well as damp wiped the entire work area. Following the completion of our work, our Quality Assurance (QA) team evaluated all workmanship – confirming that we met our quality control (QC) targets for mold removal and were ready for the mold assessor to return for the final verification process.