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Given how fast mold grows, and the damages it can cause- it’s important to deal with it quickly and effectively. As a mold remediation company, we prioritize speed of service and punctuality, as well as providing as much information as possible to ensure our customers are making informed remediation and post-remediation decisions.

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Mold Removal in Fort Lauderdale

Case Studies

Please see the following cases we worked on. These were all projects done in the city of Fort Lauderdale, FL. For more information on our services, please click here.
We previously worked on a mold remediation project within a high rise condominium, nearby the intercoastal in Fort Lauderdale. The origin of the water damage which caused the mold stemmed from a waste water line leak from above. The old galvanized steel pipe corroded away, allowing for water to leak atop the walk-in master closet within our client’s property. As a result, mold developed on the ceiling, as well as caused extensive damage to the wood flooring below.
Note: We recommend drying any wet surfaces as soon as possible, to prevent mold – which takes about 3 days to grow.
Mold treatment
The closet required that engineering controls be implemented – which included a containment barrier, air filtration devices and a dehumidifier. With these controls in place, the ceiling was removed from corner to corner, to provide access for the plumber to replace the pipe. The wood flooring also had to be removed, as a result of the category 3 water (grossly contaminated water) that absorbed into the wood flooring planks. This project lasted a few short days, with an independent post-remediation verification confirming completion.
A builder once called us in to look at microbial growth that developed along the base of a wall – just as they were preparing to have the flooring contractor begin installing the wood flooring. It was reported to us that the leveling concrete was just implemented by a concrete contractor in the days prior. Once our team was on-site, the problem became apparent. As we walked into the room where the growth had developed, we could feel the discomfort – as a result of the high relative humidity.
Looking at the patterns of mold growth that developed (all along the lower 6” of the walls), we knew that this was the likely result of a humidity bloom. When the concrete was poured, bringing up the height of the floor, adequate ventilation and airflow was not in place. This allowed for the humidity levels to sky rocket within this area of the home – providing the moisture needed for gypsum board (drywall) to grow mold. Fortunately, the mold remediation solution was quick and easy. We gained control of the relative humidity (RH), removed the mold-affected drywall and then wiped down the surrounding area. All of this work was competed within 1 day, with our machinery operating for an additional 24 hours.
What started as a call to look at water damage to a ceiling, where our client was concerned with a leak from the second floor neighbor, turned into a mold removal & cleaning project. At a glance, we were able to confirm that there was a leak from above. Once we powered on our thermal imaging camera and utilized moisture meters, we very quickly learned that a bit more of the ceiling was wet. Given the location of the water staining, which was directly above the toilet, we feared that the toilet drain line above may be leaking.
As a result, we removed the affected portion of ceiling – also needing to remove the adjoining wet wall behind the toilet and vanity. Water managed to travel down the backside of the wall, which resulted in hidden damages. This project also required an isolation barrier between the bathroom and the rest of the home, a negative air machine and dehumidifier. We managed to wrap up this project in 3 days!

Video: Emergency Mold Mitigation in Fort Lauderdale

Our owner Josh discusses an emergency mold prevention project that took place in the Las Olas Strip, and goes through the process of identifying and addressing the source of the leak.