Mold Removal in Davie

A little about our services

Mold grows fast, which is why important to find a mold remediation service that’s reliable, punctual, informative with all required certifications and insurance (click here for more info).

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Case Studies

The following are case studies taken from locations we worked on in Davie, FL. For more information on our services, please click here.

We recently worked on a house in the Davie area that had a problem with its washing machine backup. This created a leak that spread throughout the living area of this beautiful single family home (same home as the above image)

Emergency treatment: Using an array of varying pieces of drying equipment, we worked vigorously to extract moisture from beneath the flooring, through the grout lines in the tile. We also focused heat onto the tile floor, to increase the evaporation potential through the grout lines – as an effort mitigate the water damage within a timely fashion and prevent secondary damages. Some of the machinery we utilized included commercial grade LGR dehumidifiers, cavity-drying units, heat retention mats, floor extraction mats and air movers (fans).

Mold removal: After the emergency mitigation services were complete, we performed mold remediation services in the immediate area of the washing machine – where the water damage was heavy. The walls around the washing machine, within the laundry room and dining room contained microbial growth – which related to pre-existing damages. While more mold growth likely developed from the recent water event, our team was limited to non-invasive drying methods in these areas – as a means to limit the potential for cross-contamination to other areas of the home. The total duration of time to dry this home was 10 days, with mold remediation services taking an additional 3 days to complete.

Another project that we worked on in the Davie area last year related to a pipe that leaked within a bathroom wall for an extended period of time. This pipe leak caused extensive damage behind the scenes, specifically beneath the flooring materials in this home. In addition to the hidden damages, portions of flooring could be seen lifted in some places, as well as some walls and baseboards showing signs of water damage. The initial cleanup during the emergency response lasted a number of days with a sizable staff on-site. Following an environmental assessment, to determine the category of water damage, our team worked hand-in-hand to remove hardwood flooring, tar paper liners, poly sheeting and plywood – just to access the saturated concrete slab beneath. It was the environmental assessment that informed us we were dealing with a Category 3 mitigation service – which means that materials were grossly impacted, with bacteria formation already present.

Within full PPE (proper protective equipment), our trained staff had all of the impacted materials removed within a matter of days, with numerous additional days needed for the remaining building materials to dry. This project required a specific level of detail, as material removal of the drying process took place while the homeowners occupied unaffected areas of the home. Isolation barriers needed to be erected, with adjustments made to the HVAC system – directing inbound and outbound air away from our designated work areas. All in all, this project took our team 12 days to complete. This involved all aspects of work needed; from emergency services to mold remediation services and even our quality control evaluation at the end. As this was a process which involved drying, sanitation and also mold remediation, we utilized quite a few pieces of machinery to complete this service. Some of these machines included LGR (low grain refrigerant) dehumidifiers, HEPA air filtration devices (air scrubbers), an also the application EPA registered disinfectants.

A unique project that we have the opportunity to work on was one for a sensitive family within the Davie area. This family included some individuals suffering from CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome).

After meeting with the homeowners and getting to know and understand the difficulties they are having living in their home, we agreed to include small particle cleaning (SPC) as a part of our mold remediation services.

Small particle cleaning is a finer, more rigorous level of cleaning designed to eliminate free floating mold-carrying air particulates that have settled around the home- to which certain individuals are more sensitive. Given the meticulous nature of a project of this caliber, we needed to use a combination products, machinery and cleaning methods – to properly remove as many of the fine particles throughout. This included a thorough HEPA vacuum process, the use of air filtration devices setup to achieve negative air pressure, fogging of a particulate knockdown, damp wiping and even electrostatic cleaning to finish everything off.

This project was completed within a 2 week period, allowing the homeowners to move back into an immaculately clean environment!