Commercial Indoor Air Quality Services

Considering Discreet Restoration for your property?

Our entire business model is centered around a number of attractive features. Utilizing unmarked vehicles, minimalistic branding/ unmarked company attire and a trained staff; client privacy remains top-tier. Discreet also leads the industry, with the highest level of quality control – ensuring that all aspects of processes are well documented, with minimal business interruption.

A discreet extension of your team…

We’re no stranger to working for both the property manager and the lead contractor. Should a situation arise in which your existing team cannot handle, allow ours to step in and fulfill the tasks at hand. Our team is fully trained to perform work within a professional manner – no matter the company name on the shirt. 

The Discreet Advantage

Client privacy is a priority of ours that will never be sacrificed. We employ unmarked vehicles, little to no branding on company attire and teach our staff to direct any inquiries to a single Project Manager handling public relations. 

When you call, we respond. It’s as simple as that. We pride ourselves on providing a prompt response to all emergency and even non-emergency restorative services. 

As a business, we understand the importance of operation without interruption. We work with all involved parties to ensure that property restoration services are completed timely – limiting the potential for business interruption.