Mold Contamination During The New Construction Phase

With South Florida’s climate, it’s no wonder that mold will bloom at the first sight of moisture. Over the past year, I’ve had the luxury of working closely with one of my builder colleagues. It was at one of his properties that I witnessed first-hand a rapid humidity bloom (mold growth developing on surfaces as a result of excess moisture within the air). I’m talking overnight blooming of microbial growth along the entire bottom of walls within a part of the home that was not well ventilated.

So, what does this tell us about mold development within new construction homes? Well, for starters, better ventilation and even air movement is needed in some areas of these newly built properties. Also, it was no surprise to me that self leveling concrete was recently poured in the home - adding excess moisture to the air, as the concrete evaporated the water content. If creating air movement proves to be a difficult task during the construction phase, it’s certainly worthwhile to entertain the thought of operating dehumidifiers within areas reading higher humidity.

Not only does our company offer consulting services during the construction phase of properties, but we are also an advocate for widespread of valuable information. This blog post is one way in which I personally work to spread information on how we as professionals can minimize, and possibly eliminate the potential for mold and moisture hazards within new construction homes.

Here are a couple of pointers to recap for our builder friends:

  • Allow for ample ventilation or air movement to all larger areas of a property.

  • If there are no pedestrian doors to the outside and windows are fixed pane, consider implementing a dehumidifier in these areas of a property.

  • Ensure that functional doors and windows without overhead coverings are closed, or only left open slightly when no one is on-site. We all know how Florida can go from Sunny to monsoon in a matter of minutes!

  • Monitor humidity during the construction phase - picking up an inexpensive hygrometer could be the difference between catching the conditions promoting mold growth before it even happens.

  • Work with a remediation consultant that you can trust. After all, not all of us are monetarily driven. Some of us are fueled on passion alone! My team and I additionally offer managed solutions for moisture oversight within pre and post construction properties. Shoot us a message for more information!